Title Company

Transfer Your Timeshare

The title company provides our clients with quick and easy property title transfers.
Contact us today if you wish to transfer or sell your timeshare.

Step 1

Prepare to facilitate the closing and transfer of ownership by placing all applicable funds in escrow.

Step 2

Research the property to obtain the particulars of the title or deed and prepare to transfer it.

Step 3

Our transfer specialists perform estoppel work to confirm the status of the current owners account, including details such as the size and style of the unit and the availability of the timeshare week

Step 4

Submits transfer documents to each party involved for signature and notarization.

Step 5

Record the deed and submit necessary documents to the resort and transmit the appropriate funds to the seller.

Step 6

After the closing has been completed, we monitor the resorts records to ensure they reflect the transfer of ownership
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