AD #03214230

Ad #: 03214230

Vacation Village at Bonaventure

Ft. Lauderdale,
2 Beds
2 Baths
Occupancy 6
Unit Type: Standard
Week Fixed
Property Usage: Annual
Negotiable: yes
Sale Price $$17,495.00

Resort Description

Vacation Village at Bonaventure Weston offers you and your family the comfort and amenities you long for just minutes from South Florida's exciting hot spots and entertainment. World class sporting and recreational opportunities, incomparable cuisine, pampering spa services, shopping malls galore and a veritable wealth of nearby sightseeing destinations; they're all within just a short drive of Vacation Village at Bonaventure. With all that the legendary Fort Lauderdale area has to offer, the entertainment possibilities are seemingly endless

Special Features: 2 bed/2 bath/ Annual / Fixed week/ *owner has the ability to change the specified week or travel anywhere within the Vacation Village network.



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Ad #: 03214230
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