AD #03108532

Ad #: 03108532

Woodstone at Massanutten

2 Beds
2 Baths
Negotiable: yes
Sale Price $25,000.00

Resort Description

These beautiful Valley condos range from one-bedroom to four-bedroom condos sleeping up to 12 people. These condos can be used as one spacious four-bedroom condo, or separated into two two-bedroom condos, with full privacy. Woodstone Meadows® is located outside of the "Kettle" mountain area, the views are breathtaking and the air is just so crisp and fresh, you want to be outside! The Woodstone condos are within very close proximity to the Woodstone Meadows Golf Course® if you enjoy golfing in a serene and calming environment that's still close enough to walk to. While staying here, you can indulge in our calming pool and spa, socialize, and enjoy the ambiance of our bar and lounge. Among all of our amenities is a child's dream of an indoor waterpark, and Woodstone Recreation Center. Our location is perfect for the entire family!


Pets Allowed
Handicap Accessible
Child Care

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Ad #: 03108532
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