Best Timeshare Cancellation Company in Orlando, Florida

Best Timeshare Cancellation Company in Orlando, Florida

Are you one of the numerous Americans considering timeshare cancellation? To get rid of a timeshare is a very challenging process. This is why you should never attempt timeshare contract cancellation on your own. Hire the Best Timeshare Cancellation Company in Orlando, Florida, for this purpose. The major reason for working with a reputable company is that they know the laws, rules, and other related matters much better than you or anyone else.

Many timeshare contracts come with hidden clauses that may not be visible or understandable by a layperson like you. However, such clauses will never escape the attention of professionals in the business.

Since you are trying to get rid of a timeshare, you need to keep some tips in mind in your search for the Best Timeshare Cancellation Company. These tips will be shared in the next few paragraphs of this article.

But before then, let’s check out the answers to a couple of questions, shall we?

What are Timeshare Cancellation Companies?

Timeshare cancellation companies are usually made up of attorneys who are experts at looking for loopholes in order to get you out of your timeshare contract. It seems sensible for an attorney to advocate for you without questionable practices or loopholes.

Some companies even offer money-back guarantees and promise to get you out of your timeshare. But in most cases, some of these companies that promise to help you get rid of a timeshare seldom do so.

This is why you need to consider some tips before going this route. These tips will show you which companies to work with in order to facilitate your timeshare contract cancellation.

Can You Get Rid of a Timeshare?

Buying a timeshare is similar to purchasing a home because this process is legally binding. This is very true if you have a deeded timeshare or a mortgage. But what is quite unfortunate about the entire situation is that you cannot get rid of a timeshare or undergo timeshare contract cancellation after the rescission period.

Timeshare buyers in the United States can rescind their purchases within a short period. Rescission periods vary from one state to another and can be anywhere from three to ten days.

However, you need to find out what the resort is with the state. When the rescission period is over, gifting your ownership, selling your timeshare on the resale market, or contacting your developer or resort is the best way to get rid of a timeshare.

The Cost of Timeshare Contract Cancellation

It is not news that many timeshare cancellation companies out there usually charge exorbitant amounts of money up-front in order to get rid of a timeshare.

Therefore, if you are looking for a way to cancel timeshare, never pay thousands of dollars up-front, especially since there are several legal and safe options.

How Legitimate Are Timeshare Cancellation Companies?

Many timeshare owners don’t know that they have resources. These resources are made available by the American Resort Development Association (ARDA). The ARDA is the industry’s advocacy group for buyers, owners, sellers, and developers. They have free guidance and resources that will readily push you in the right direction.

Most timeshare cancellation companies are not members of the ARDA. The Coalition for Responsible Exit – which houses a host of news updates, guides, and resources for owners who want to get rid of a timeshare – do not recommend these companies.

The major reason for this is that many timeshare companies are not safe and legitimate. Any attorney that tells you to stop paying your mortgage or maintenance fees should be a red flag. The dues and fees are legally binding.

If you stop paying your mortgage or maintenance fees, your ownership will soon be foreclosed on it. And this can significantly harm your credit.

Therefore, be very careful when dealing with any timeshare cancellation company. This is why it is advisable to perform due diligence online about any timeshare cancellation company you want to work with.

Search online for reviews of your chosen timeshare cancellation company’s performance and service. Companies that deliver top-notch timeshare contract cancellation services will be talked about in forums or social media platforms.

If you see nothing or come across negative reviews, it simply means your search for the best timeshare cancellation company has not ended.

Tips to Follow Before Choosing the Best Timeshare Cancellation Company

Get Glaring Proof of Performance

When considering the possibility of working with a timeshare cancellation company, the first thing you should do is ask for undeniable proof of performance.

You can ask to see the company’s records, which date back a few years, in order to get an excellent feel of their success rate. Do your due diligence before you sign the dotted line.

You don’t want to work with an underhand timeshare cancellation company as this could significantly make the entire situation worse. Therefore, any organization that is not willing to share its records and success rate is probably not the best or most reputable option for you.

Talk is cheap, so don’t be taken in by the myriads of timeshare cancellation companies that yell about how good they are on the radio or billboards. The best way a timeshare cancellation company can prove its worth and deserves your business is via numbers.

Stay Away from ‘One-time Opportunity’ Evangelists

Some sales representatives of timeshare cancellation companies adopt false sales tactics. You will easily recognize them when they use the popular phrase ‘one-time opportunity’ on you when peddling their corporation. Those words imply that if you do not take advantage of the offer they present to you, you will miss the chance to change your life for good.

Stay away from such businesses or sales representatives, and don’t let them get under your skin. The best timeshare cancellation company can assist you anytime you want to cancel timeshare.

Attorneys and Finances

You must protect your assets anytime you are trying to get rid of a timeshare. And the easiest way to go about it is by depositing your fees in an escrow account. You need to ensure that your funds are bonded, licensed, and insured.

This is the best way to stay financially secure. What is more, when choosing a timeshare cancellation company, make sure you ask staff members about the attorney they work with. It is highly essential to ensure that the lawyer handling your case will represent you, not the entity.

The Best Timeshare Cancellation Company is Always Willing to Help

Are you suffering from credit score or mortgage issues? A good or reputable timeshare cancellation company will legally help you when you want to get rid of a timeshare.

They have a team of specialists or experts as well as a timeshare contract cancellation advocate. This means you can save yourself from the hungry traps or jaws of scam timeshare sellers.

They Must Be Very Good at Retrieving Their Clients’ Monies

One of the most crucial parts of a timeshare contract is an investment. To purchase a timeshare, you will need a lot of money. And when most people finally take a look at these timeshares, they find out that they are nothing but highly toxic investments that yield no return for them in any way.

If you belong to this category of individuals, you need to work with the Best Timeshare Cancellation Company that will pull out all the stops in order to get your money back. The timeshare contract cancellation company should be able to get your money back from the timeshare seller, no matter how smart the seller is.

The Best Timeshare Cancellation Company always follow the right rules and follow proven, laid-down paths to secure your money within a few days or weeks.


Are you one of the numerous timeshare owners that feel sanctioned by timeshare business firms? The best way out is to work with a highly reputable timeshare cancellation company like ours.

We will bring our years of experience and professional touch to bear on your case. This will help you save a lot of time and money.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with the best timeshare cancellation company in Orlando, Florida, today!

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